Website relaunch coming soon - stay tuned!

Website relaunch coming soon - stay tuned!

About Us

The fit[ted].group has set a vision for itself to become one of the leading providers in the field of sports and health. With our first product, a social sports platform called „fit[ted].me“, we provide our users with a one-of-a-kind platform centered on sports. For this, we combine social media features with advanced sports analysis & tracking as well as shared economies functionalities. Further functions will be added to constantly expand the possibilities of the platform and offer users an even better experience.

Our vision is to support every person worldwide in their physical and mental well being.

What the name is all about


stands for the holistic health approach, which is the focus of our entire product range.


stands for our products and services individually customized to the customer’s needs.


At fit[ted].group we want to rethink the way people work.

Therefore we work with a decentralized approach – this means that there is no head office, but that our employees can freely choose their workplace and working hours. Also, we don’t work to a certain number of weekly hours, but set ourselves goals in regular team meetings, which we develop in a predefined time period.
In addition, the various aspects of corporate social responsibility are very important to us. Therefore, we have not only implemented a comprehensive program for environmental protection (e.g. 100% CO2-neutral data centers, investments in reforestation) & social assistance through regular charitable donations, but also involve all employees through virtual company shares as well as a percentage profit sharing in the teamwork & success of the company.

Advisory Board

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